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Antisuperheroguy the Phoenix.
back.. in style this time.
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man so like i feel like im almost going to pass out, ive deprived myself of so much sleep. But i must keep going.. i feel like buying something..

It seems like everything my sister and mom do are things to just either annoy me or to make me extremly angry, i dont know what is up with those two; or whats up with me. I know that you would probably say its because ive never gotten enough sleep, but its more then just that. Like now, my mom just asked me to help her round up the cats, yet... i just heard all of them meowing, she didnt even have to step outside i bet. Man and my sister.. me and her are so much different.. shes everything i hate in someone whom i would hate at school, except i cant really hate her.

My closest friends.. well.. Sierra.. and Dale.. but I never get to see Sierra, nor do i get to see Dale anymore. Id say they are my two best friends, no doubt or second thought. But that doesnt mean i have dont have any other friends.. the all of them are great, i wish i showed that more often. Although sometimes i feel like yall dont care, i know you do, and even if you dont i want to atleast act like you do.

When i think about it.. i dont regret anything in my life.. or atleast up to the point to where i met this one person. I think she knows who she is, if i never knew about her. i dont know i think i would be going insane right now. Not that im not going insane over her right now..

I love you guys.
Whatever you do, dont change. I dont want anything to change for a while.

How I Feel: tired tired
Listening To: The Killers - Mr. Brightside

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electricteardrOp (1:22:38 PM): NIIICE
electricteardrOp (1:23:37 PM): OH COME ON
electricteardrOp (1:23:39 PM): come on
electricteardrOp (1:23:42 PM): gettin food?
electricteardrOp (1:23:43 PM): cause i was
electricteardrOp (1:23:44 PM): ;-)
electricteardrOp (1:25:07 PM): ohh
electricteardrOp (1:25:08 PM): i get it
electricteardrOp (1:25:13 PM): you stayed up all night and so now your sleeping
electricteardrOp (1:25:14 PM): smooth
electricteardrOp (1:25:16 PM): real smooth jackass

shes good
i woke up at 2

How I Feel: uncomfortable i gotta pee
Listening To: Too lazy to hook up my ipod to my computer.

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You Are Ugly Underwear!

Comfortable and soft, more people like you than let on.
But it's very difficult for you to show yourself in public.

im still up

How I Feel: lonely no one else is on
Listening To: Thinkin music in my head, porn music

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i wish love meant that im right there with you
sometimes it does
but it never does what i want it to do

How I Feel: tired dont let the tenny bite
Listening To: Popeye just got his spinach

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maybe i did know.. but i dont want to

How I Feel: indifferent indifferent
Listening To: The Postal Service - Sleeping In

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i wonder what you meant back there..
but i just really dont care..
thats a lie..

i love you

How I Feel: cold cold
Listening To: http://www.vgmusic.com/new-files/simpleandclean.mid

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Random Shit -

If you find me staring at you, dont look away
when i say im not coming, promise that youll wait for me
we can go outside and lay under the sky, pretending that we can see the stars
if i gave you a dollar, then would you love me?
you dont have to act like you hate me to get your way

How I Feel: content content
Listening To: Finch - Perfection Through Silence

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naked pictures of meCollapse )

How I Feel: tired tired
Listening To: Spitalfield - Are We Still Here?

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have yall seen these yet? no reason to not show themCollapse )

How I Feel: relieved relieved
Listening To: Waking Ashland - Longshot

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I got humped by a girl and a hot teacher because they were doing the Buddy Heimlich Maneuver on me for Health as a demonstration, since my partner could barely get her arms around me; shes 5 4, shut up. My hair also stayed perfect all day. My day was pretty perfect.

No one noticed the pickles. Except me.

Oh yeah, my teacher came over while we were in the computer lab and she talked to Alex asking, "Why are you looking over your computer?" because he was looking as some guy in the library talking to him. And then i just start out ranting going, "There was this guy that was standing up over that guy trying to sneak away his computer but i was like hey guy go sit back down and he was like no so i had to stick up for the guy sitting down." And shes like, "I could believe you if i could see your eyes." and i go, "These eyes are cold blue you wouldnt believe them miss V."

And she left. Smiling. Heh.

How I Feel: hungry hungry
Listening To: Cursive - Sierra

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Thanks to Suave shampoo i now know that Freesia smells like pickles, and now people at school are going to think i wash my hair with pickles.

How I Feel: rushed rushed
Listening To: The Ataris - Unopened Letter To The World

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my weekend, the best weekend ever, it wont sound like much but it really was, i love those friends of mineCollapse )

How I Feel: blah blah
Listening To: Count The Stars - Right Behind Me

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under that pitch black sky
you told me the world was going to end
just so that you could have me alone
and i knew that you were lying
but my heart said to just follow

that night i thought the world could never end
but in this world it was just me and you
maybe you werent lying
and i wouldnt have it any other way

Hmmm.. a bit rusty, a bit stupid, doesnt rhyme.. really short.. - A+

How I Feel: gloomy gassy
Listening To: The Get Up Kids - Stay Gone

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Little James, were all the same
They always seem to look to us
But we werent meant to be grown ups
Thank you for your smile
You make it all worthwhile to us


i rule.

How I Feel: weird Left right left right tree!!!!
Listening To: Oasis - Little James

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even if i were an emo, would that still matter?
even if i were a prep, would you care?
even if i were defined as a stoner, does it change me?
even if i were a punk, would you still believe me?
even if i were a problem, could you stay around and fix me?

everyone has a group but me

How I Feel: calm calm
Listening To: Finch - Once Upon My Nightstand

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How did my life turn out... so.. Semi-Perfect? Im so happy on the outside.. yet im so sad on the inside.. I have all the friends i could want ot need, i have two friends that are the most special people to me, people that others rarely have. Im glad i got to be so lucky, im glad i got to experience the experiences i still get today..

Everything in my life is great except for myself.. and love. I love love so much.. and ive found it.. but it hasnt found me. And myself.. i dont know.. no matter how many times people compliment me or my ways.. i dont think i can really accept how i look ever.

I know i complain a lot here.. but even so.. im suprised i havent gone to cut myself.. or do drugs.. or any of that stupid shit. Im glad i have my friends to protect me.. near or far...

Please dont let me mess myself up. I doubt i will.. people who relaly know how know how i never would try, but you never know with people. I feel like i can control myself.. like i really can, but i see so many sad stories around me about how people go out of control.. whats keeping me under?

Now that i think about it.. i truly think its my friends. Thanks yall.

How I Feel: thoughtful thoughtful
Listening To: The Pixies - Where Is My Mind

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Well, i bought glasses for 82 bucks, and then my mom said that she would pay me back half of it. She never did. Then my mom asked me for 20 bucks so she could get some Girl Scout Cookies; not that i could completly complain, but she forgot to pay me back for that also. Damnit. I need money for Corpus, i only have like 110 bucks.

Alright. Plans for Corpus.
1. Get more money.. somehow.
2. Lose weight/get fit for the beach.
3. Become more tan naturally.
4. Come up with some stylish haircut.
5. Get my mom to like Betsy's parents.
6. Get Betsy's parents to like me.
7. Get my mom to trust me to come down there.
8. Go early in the summer so that i can come back later in the summer.
9. Come back later in the summer with a car(mom's if i have to), some extra moo-lah, and rent a hotel.
10. Have the time of my life.
11. Come back every break.

But theres one problem. My school's whole staff thingie are planning to make my summer one month longer, making it 4 months long, while we get only 2 days off beteween jan and the end of school. That would mean no spring break, no easter break, it would suck, i would so come on those days.

Maybe after i get Betsy's parents to like me enough, and my mom to trust me enough, i can drive down there after school on Fridays, and come back on Sunday noon or something. I could even use my sickdays and stay an extra day and even goto Betsy's school if her teachers let me in.

I really want this to happen.
I cant wait.
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no one ever suspects the butterflies
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