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dont tell the hungry hungry hippo i stole his marble - Antisuperheroguy the Phoenix.
back.. in style this time.
dont tell the hungry hungry hippo i stole his marble

Best fucking weekend of my life. Best best best best friiiiiiiigiiiiiinnnnn bbbbeeeessssstttttt.

Friday - Did nothing. Sat around and just did nothing.

Saturday - Went to Dale's house at 6:30. I got there and said hey and shit to his parents, and then we left to goto the bank. We get to the bank and we get out of the car and he forgot that he left his wallet at Clay's, so we go there. It was a quick in and out and then we went back to the bank, and figured out it closed at fucking five in the afternoon. So we curse and whatever, and head back to Clay's. On the way back theres this Volkswagon Golf GTI, and hes to the left of us trying to cut but theres not enough space, so he acts like hes going to get behind us and Dale slows down a bit, and then he floors it and Dale floors it not letting him in. Finally the guy gets behind us and comes up on the right and shoots the bird at us and we all stop at the light. Then when it turns green we take off and fucking pass the fucker up while hes trying to weave through traffic to get past us, but its no use. So he turns into the shopping center and we debate whether to follow or not, and we dont. So we make it back to Clay's and we wait there for a second until Clay and Greg and the rest of them get there; Micheal, Ryan, Robert, Max, Cory, and whats her face. Anyway we all goto this small resturaunt and eat and shit, joke, laugh, laugh about the midget, talked about who stood out the most; Robert won, and ate, watched the ending of some basketball game, made fun of the midget, made Greg eat a soup full of ketchup, and yeah, watched the basketball game, and left the place. Went back to Clays and thats when Greg took me Dale and Ryan in for a ride; i got the showgun. It was insane how Greg was just casually flying down the street, he didnt even floor it and he got to like 90 and my stomach felt like it was going to tear apart; i loved it. Anyway we just drove around like Greg does, but its so fucking insane and fun how he does it, man that car was awesome. We made it back to find that everyone was waiting in the front and we just talk alittle, Robert and Dale doing their slow ass ninja spin kicks, fucking hilarious. We all head inside and get some drinks and yeah.. heh.. we just fucking listen to Modest Mouse like the whole night. Dale, Ryan, and Micheal and me stayed inside and listened to the music while they got drinks and danced and sang so fucking loud, and right as i was shouting "Woooooooo!!" Debbie walked in; shes Clay's hot mom. Anyway the five of us just talk and everything about how we would buy the house from her for like sixty bucks and thirty gamestop bucks, and Debbie was laughing how that wouldnt even buy the stove. Anyway finished talking and we all head outside with the others at the hottub, and Dale changes infront of the all of us and then like, rolls? into the hottub. Micheal jumps in. i sit next to Clay, nothing happens except laughing and then Dale said that we needed to goto the store, so me Dale Cory and Greg went. Everything was going fucking great with my strut and then we get to the back where all the dairy is, and then they were takling about something and Dale goes, "Im smooth." and he purposely slides his hand over the stack of paper towels, and the whole thing just falls completly over and the all of us just shoot down this one aisle and get away. Then we casually walk towards the exit until halfway and me and Dale sprint for it while Cory and Greg just laugh and shit. Anyway we all goto Kroger and while Dale was getting the OJ, Greg and Cory went off somehwere and i was just stuck there, so i got those cylinders of coffee creamer and stack up about four on the highest shelf, but no one really got to see it, it was awesome though. Anyway we leave, get back to Clay's, do stuff, laugh, joke, dance, listen to music, joke, Dale rolls into the hottub again, then i goto the store with Greg and Micheal. Micheal stays in the car while me and Greg go in and nothing really happens until hes off getting the cigs and im waiting in the line, so i look at the box of Tic-Tacs and im like, "Man i could use some." So i grab some boxes and put it on the converter belt, and it would move automatically until my items were between the sensors; and i didnt know, i just kept pushing the stuff back and it would roll it back forward. Anyway Greg came back and hes like wtf, and im like wtf, and we both laugh while the old couple behind us whispers about something about being high.

Note - At the store when i went with Greg Dale and Cory there was this guy with mundo warts all over his neck arms and face, and i stand behind him and just like fake hump him. I also try to hide an empty box of liquid ice in my shirt; like the display box, not the box that has the actual product in it.

Anyway we leave the store, get back, and as i walk into the backyard Dale is just dancing to Modest Mouse, like really freaky 70s dancing. So we head back to where everyone is sitting and everyone is just laughing at him, and then Greg goes and starts dancing with. Sometime around here i went and called Betsy and told her i loved her, and then i went back and everyone was just hanging around the hottub talking. Anyway Clay's mom tells him that he girls needed to leave, and we all bum out and they do. Some of the guys leave just for alittle also, so its just me, Micheal, and Max. Dale and Ryan were already asleep somewhere around this time. Anyway its like storming and thunderint outside and Max goes, "I think im gonna go for a swim." Me and Micheal are like wtf, and he actually does it. Me and Micheal are just barely standing outside of the door and we head back into the guest room and watch some movie, i forgot. I pull out the puzzel and even in my current state of mind i can barely get it together, while Micheal could do it upside down. So finally i just pull out the memory game and i say, "I challenge you." He does, i lose, he had 19 pairs and i have 17 pairs, imagine trying to play memory with 72 cards. Heh. Anyway Greg, Clay, and Max reenter the room and we all watch some movie again, The Cable Guy, and finally Clay goes to sleep, so i decide that i wanna goto sleep. I goto sleep in the living room on this giant L-shaped couch with my feet in Clay's face and his feet in Greg's face.

Sunday - I wake up to Dale, Ryan, Max, and Debbie talking in the kitchen. I walk in there we talk alittle, and then we just go into the living room and watch this movie that they wanted me to see; and wanted to re-watch themselves. It was Ghost of Mars; horrible movie, great movie to make fun of. THEY USED THE SAME FUCKING SCENE FUCKING 4 TIMES, AND ANOTHER SCENE 3 TIMES. One scene was a guy flying into the air from an explosion, and another was of Ice throwing a gernade out from the train; simply hilarious. I watch the "making the movie" with Micheal, Clay, and Greg while the others go off and do something, and everyone is just like turn that shit off; everythough they were watching it kinda too. We all go into Clay's room and Ryan and Micheal play baseball on Xbox, for a while, and then we leave the house and goto Dale's house. They pretty much just play baseball more and i stay in the closet whre the computer is and i sleep for alittle in that chair; i was kinda bored. I wake up and Dale is in the shower so i take his spot on his bed and watch them play baseball, it was insane how they could. Anyway dinner was ready so we all went downstairs and ate pasta, and soon afterwards we watched South Park and shit. They then went to play cards and i didnt feel like losing anymore money so i just stayed and watched tv.

Note - Did i mention we played cards before? I cannot remember when we played, but it was with Dale, Micheal, Ryan, Clay, and Dale's dad, i got fourth.

Anyway Dale comes from the 3-player game and watches tv with me, going to sleep like at 11 and telling me to wake him up at 12. Ryan and Clay finish and we all wake up Dale telling him that its like 2am and shit; he didnt believe it, even though it was a horrible joke. Anyway.. we watch a movie.. and um. that was a great ass movie.. and then we go upstairs and play Tekken 5. I cant really remember what happened that night.. maybe we went to sleep soon after. I slept on Dale's couch. I do rememebr watching a movie before i went to sleep though, i forgot which one.

Monday - Do it tommorow.

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From: spongygrass Date: March 30th, 2005 10:55 pm (UTC) (Link)

ha on your icon

HOLY FUCK THATS LONG. maybe ill read it later
lovelyelectric From: lovelyelectric Date: March 31st, 2005 03:43 am (UTC) (Link)
You're too cool.
jamisonmaximous From: jamisonmaximous Date: March 31st, 2005 04:15 am (UTC) (Link)
You know i dont make fun of you when your having a fun time.


Naw.. your cool though, just treat our good ole friend right and there wont be any problems.
3 witnessess /// Enter the scene