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these eyes - Antisuperheroguy the Phoenix.
back.. in style this time.
these eyes
I got humped by a girl and a hot teacher because they were doing the Buddy Heimlich Maneuver on me for Health as a demonstration, since my partner could barely get her arms around me; shes 5 4, shut up. My hair also stayed perfect all day. My day was pretty perfect.

No one noticed the pickles. Except me.

Oh yeah, my teacher came over while we were in the computer lab and she talked to Alex asking, "Why are you looking over your computer?" because he was looking as some guy in the library talking to him. And then i just start out ranting going, "There was this guy that was standing up over that guy trying to sneak away his computer but i was like hey guy go sit back down and he was like no so i had to stick up for the guy sitting down." And shes like, "I could believe you if i could see your eyes." and i go, "These eyes are cold blue you wouldnt believe them miss V."

And she left. Smiling. Heh.

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Listening To: Cursive - Sierra

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letsplaydrbaybe From: letsplaydrbaybe Date: March 31st, 2005 11:33 pm (UTC) (Link)


haha hey james its meghan i havent talked wif you in a long ass time lol nice lj mine is letsplaydrbaybe its new so ya ttyl


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