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Antisuperheroguy the Phoenix.

back.. in style this time.

Now that weve gotten that god knows how old bio out of the way. Right now. Im just worry about friends, school, and anything The Ataris or any other band sings about friends and memories and the future.
afi, allister, ami's mom, autopilot off, being your bitch, big pants, bling bling rims, box, boxers, brand new, cake, checkered mustaches, checkered turtles, checkers, commercials that suck, count the stars, crunk crowns, cursive, dale's mom, diabetes, dirty sanchez, dolphins, drive by dartings, eggs with ketchup, excellent, fake flying, fallout boy, family guy, finch, foo fighters, foot races, football shoulders, four, girl scout cookies, glasses, glassjaw, glue, goo goo dolls, grandma panties, green day, greg's mom, hating chocolate milk, hating rap, headbands, honey, hotpockets, ice, incubus, ipod, jet, jimmy eat world, kyle's mom, lauren's mom, linkin park, lube, mayo, milk, mini coopers, miranda's mom, most triumphant, mustaches, name taken, nancy elizabeth cooper, new neighbors, nipple, offspring, opera porn, orange, penguins, pens with blue ink, pens with green ink, pens with pink ink, pens with rainbow ink, pizza rolls, pocky, praying, radio head, ramune, real cars, red hot chilli peppers, red lights, ryan's mom, sailing stories, sarah's mom, senses fail, shelby's mom, shit scented candles, sierra's mom, silver spoons, six inches, sleeping, something corporate, spitalfield, spray cans, stinkbombs, story of the year, switchfoot, taking back sunday, tenny's mom, the ataris, the darkness, the early november, the get up kids, the killers, the movielife, the popo, the starting line, the used, three doors down, thursday, toast, toilet paper, unwritten law, waiters, waking ashland, wallpaper, weezer, winning, your mom