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man so like i feel like im almost going to pass out, ive deprived… - Antisuperheroguy the Phoenix.
back.. in style this time.
man so like i feel like im almost going to pass out, ive deprived myself of so much sleep. But i must keep going.. i feel like buying something..

It seems like everything my sister and mom do are things to just either annoy me or to make me extremly angry, i dont know what is up with those two; or whats up with me. I know that you would probably say its because ive never gotten enough sleep, but its more then just that. Like now, my mom just asked me to help her round up the cats, yet... i just heard all of them meowing, she didnt even have to step outside i bet. Man and my sister.. me and her are so much different.. shes everything i hate in someone whom i would hate at school, except i cant really hate her.

My closest friends.. well.. Sierra.. and Dale.. but I never get to see Sierra, nor do i get to see Dale anymore. Id say they are my two best friends, no doubt or second thought. But that doesnt mean i have dont have any other friends.. the all of them are great, i wish i showed that more often. Although sometimes i feel like yall dont care, i know you do, and even if you dont i want to atleast act like you do.

When i think about it.. i dont regret anything in my life.. or atleast up to the point to where i met this one person. I think she knows who she is, if i never knew about her. i dont know i think i would be going insane right now. Not that im not going insane over her right now..

I love you guys.
Whatever you do, dont change. I dont want anything to change for a while.

How I Feel: tired tired
Listening To: The Killers - Mr. Brightside

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superbetsy From: superbetsy Date: April 21st, 2005 12:13 am (UTC) (Link)

ok so

i love u too james and i wish i had some awesome way to say it like you always do

im gonna draw something pretty and pretend like its the same
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