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Antisuperheroguy the Phoenix.
back.. in style this time.
And I need you now tonight and I need you more than ever
and if you only hold me tight we'll be holding on forever.
And we'll only be making it right 'cause we'll never be wrong.
Together we can take it to the end of the line
Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time
I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark
We're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks
I really need you tonight
forever's gonna start tonight

Once upon a time I was falling in love
but now I'm only falling apart
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Cellphones arent so easy to take pictures with at school, i kinda quit after the first day; or whatever. My leg awful hurts, and i dont even know why.

Sooo... braindead..

I cant wait to goto Corpus. I dont think anything will matter until then.

Im being an Emo Emily :(
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I wonder if i could list all of my friends.. and have something to say about the each of them..

I want to be different from everyone else
but thats only making me fit in more.

How I Feel: quixotic rawr!

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I just got a camera phone today, i smell fotographs mucho at school. But it makes this stupid loud noise when i take a picture so it ruins all the sneakyness.

Two nights back i wrote and entry but it never made it through because my internet crashed on me, and ive been too lazy to write since then. Ill try to write about what i remember. I was thinking a lot.. and i was wondering to myself..

"Why do i have to love love..? Why do i have to care so much about people, why do i have to inspect their emotions and do my best to understand them? Why couldnt i just be one of those people that dont give a worry about that stuff, and that just want to have fun? I can never have fun now.. i always worry about my friends.. the past.. i spent two fucking hours thinking about that.. and love.. how did i get to be so different from everyone else? Or most.. Am i the only person that stays up for two hours in bed and thinks about that stuff, not to mention thinking about it almost constantly throughout the day. I dont know, krap."

I guess im alittle happier, and i wanna goto corpus alittle more every day. The summer will set me free.

Im doing perfect im school, except for Health, Health sucks even though its extremly easy. But im actually doing good in every other class, i havent done that since like 7th grade, its crazy.

I Love Betsy.

How I Feel: horny Not Really..
Listening To: Kim Wilde - Kids In America

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i want to get in a car, and i want to drive to corpus

im going insane

i cant stand these nights up past one

school is a bitch

life is a let down

my heart wont stop fucking hurting

saying i love you doesnt help anymore

this is just a test, and im failing

How I Feel: sad sad

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I know i already showed everyone but i got glasses.

How I Feel: enthralled Hes tryin to wear glasses.

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i just got finished with giving my sister a massive pillow bashing
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I think.. i am suprised to see a dog fighting with a stick.

Have you ever felt like sometimes there was this cat, but nothing could see it but the dog. But the dog knew it wasnt a cat, yet a snail. And then the snail said to the cat, "No, its not it." But you know it was it, even though you couldnt see the cat in the first place. That always ruins the movie for me.

See, im smarter then you.

Anyway, my spring break was krap. I had to babysit the whole week, and then i spent yesterday and today building a god damned fence. Atleast we wont get those pitbulls in our backyard anymore, but man, that fence was hell putting up. I even got sunburned. But i could get sunburned at night.. Dale(MaxwellDubious) can be an eyewitness to that shit.

Pictures arent all that great for me, im starting to wonder if other people have a picture make better machine or something.

I just sneezed.

Anyway, im gonna get buff so that chinese guy cant tel me what to do anymore, im comin after you chinese guy.

How I Feel: crazy BACKFLIP! FUCK YEAH!

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i feel so shattered and lost.. i dont wanna sound creepy but i couldnt stop thinking about her all week, and then my sister goes and pisses me off... i think its safe to say that this was the worsts spring break ever. im trying to find some false hope that some girl will like me someday.. i doubt it.. not anyore..

i hate being like this.. it makes me feel like im asking for someone to help me. i dont need or want any.. it makes me feel like less of a person.
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lennythellama ii: yessss aka i have two essays to write and am dying to take a nap
lennythellama ii: aka i cant stop eating

That always puts a smile on my face.
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Alright, im just going to let go right now and let out how i feel onto the table.

First of all.. i love too much and think im too superior mentally over all others, even though i dont try at all to do great in school. I dont want to love because i know that people dont like love but i want to love because i love love even though people dont understand why we love it. I dont even know this girl and i always think about her.. i mean just freakin always. And i dont even know why, why do i have to get so much into love like this when its not even here, but it is. Everyone would call me stupid or crazy wouldnt they, they have to if i already am. But i like it.. I wish i could act more normal for her sake, but i cant. I cant even remember the last time ive had a normal conversation without saying.. well it doesnt matter. If your reading this, im sorry. This is the last attempt for your attention. Thats a lie.

Im broken.
Too broken.
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Dance the night away by karchan85
What you Look like
The MusicCountry
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Fucking Perfect.
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its me, kindaCollapse )

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of my head... and its 1:30am. I know your not.. but i wish you were. Am i the only one?

How I Feel: tired tired
Listening To: The Ataris - Looking Back On Today

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Sometimes.. you really wanna help someone, but that glass wall seperates yourself from her; you cant even touch her to let her know. Everyone has to know what this feeling like.. everyone cant help everyone else and feel satisfied.. its impossible. I want her to know but i cant.. im not even completly sure of myself; but i want to be. Maybe someday ill be able to embrace what i feel and leap right in, and maybe she will follow. I dont feel like a lot of people know what i feel though, except for one person; and they dont even know who they are. Someday.. and i dont even know whats going to happen.

How I Feel: productive Quiet on the set.
Listening To: The Postal Service - Sleeping In

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Feburary, we hardly knew yee.
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Man, who else is in the mood for the 80s music? And man there is this new girl in some of my classes and on my bus and shes pretty cute, but there is no way i would ever go out with her or anything. Im trying to make friends but my certain shine of character seems to intimidate everyone. Maybe ill find the courage to say "Hey." or something like that, just someday.

ANd man, lmfao, funny story. I was outside and i was going inside into the school between first and second period, and the double door was open and i ran up to catch it but it closed, and some dude pushed the other door to help me but i ran my head into the glass. Right. Ryan and John poked me about that all day and told everyone. Some girl opened the door for me.

and shit, my hair was horrible today. i looked in the mirror while parting it alittle to see what was wrong; i forgot to use conditioner and it was tangled/curly, ew. Its time to go watch more of Brian Regan.

Can life get better? I submit it cannot.

How I Feel: working clent clark, or whatever

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I hate whenever your talking to someone, and theres a third person around kinda ignoring yall but you know they can hear everything you say. And out of no where in the middle of the conversation you hear, "Who?"


Me - "Did you hear some dude found Paris Hilton's phone."
Harrison - "Really, what did Paris do."
Me - "I dont know but i would want to keep that phone, i mean it is Paris Hilton's."
Harrison - "What would you do with Paris Hilton's phone."
Me - "Yeah well, i cant believe that she lost it."
Greg - "Who?"

And its worse when they think they know the whole story after they get into the convo.

Me - "Didnt she keep it in a dresser room or something?"
Greg - "No, she left it at a table in a resturaunt."
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